Strategic Plans

It's Time To Create A Strategic Plan For Success

Create a winning strategy to guide you through the next five years.

Business Plan

A business plan is a living document, when written, then updated over time, it is designed to help you reach your goals. Use your business plan to secure funding, in addition, as you are ready to hire employees, you can use your business plan to persuade top talent to work for you.

Marketing Plan

Your business needs a marketing plan. A marketing plan provides a roadmap of your marketing strategy, promotions, budget, and advertising activities for the year. Your marketing plan must cover online as well as traditional efforts, your investment for the campaigns, and expected return.

Strategic Plan

When you think about your business, how do you picture it in five years? What is your future direction? What are your priorities? What impact will you have? Your strategic plan will define achievable objectives that employees can work towards. You will use your plan to communicate this information to all employees.

A strategic plan maps out your long-term goals and the roadmap to achieve them

Discovery Phase

What is the current standing of my business? How much market share do I have? What are my goals from here? Your analysis will dive into insight covering additional market opportunities that you may have. In addition, any threats that may be on the horizon. Consider, changes in consumer habits, green initiatives that you may not be taking advantage of, consumer buying habits. Additional analysis from the customer side will include what their opinion of your brand is. What do customers want from your brand. Are there any product improvements that should be made. Lastly, an employee survey will provide insight into the culture of your business. Are your employees providing their best? Do they feel enabled? All of the information in this section will help your business grow over the next few years.

Goal Identification

The goal identification section is where we work with you to ensure that you are heading in the best singular direction for your business. Over time, a business forks into multiple paths which creates a divided front where progress in any one direction slows. We take your competitive advantages and align them with the unique benefits that you offer your customers. Where do you want to be in ten years? Our strategic planning services can help you get there.

Strategic Plan Writing

Your strategic plan will be written once all analysis is complete. Your plan takes into account your priorities, your objective, and your allocated budget for reaching your goals. We will break down your next five years into Action items. Each of the items (tasks) are specific actions that lead to implementing your goals. Each time you complete a task you are moving your business towards your final destination. This section includes a master Phasing schedule outlining what you will be focused on executing over the course of each quarter. The master phasing schedule is a visual representation of the strategic plan on a high level.

Strategic Plan Execution

Once you have your strategic plan in hand, you are ready to set it in motion. To begin, schedule a company wide all hands meeting. This event should be held at minimum once per year. The larger the organization or the faster your business is moving, hold two events per year. Your all hands event is where you as the owner sells your strategy, mission, and vision for the company to your employees. Use the tasks in the strategic plan to align the tasks with job descriptions. Assign goals for each of your employees. Ensure that everyone knows their part in accomplishing the strategic plan and that they are fully committed. Now the final step. You are to monitor and manage your plan. Take note of where progress is being made and what tasks are seemingly left without much consideration. You will need to follow-up with teams that are not moving within the timeframe provided.

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